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Multi exercise home gym, providing up to 100lbs resistance, helps to tone up and increase your strength & muscle mass, increase your metabolic rate. Training your shoulders, breast, back, legs, abdomen and arms

Completely encased, greater protection & safety while exercising

Butterfl y press

Lateral pull down

Chest press

Leg extension & leg press

Seated & upright row

Pulley with cover and bearing

Preacher curl pad

Max load: 120kgs

a. G.W. /N.W.: 71.5/66.5kgs

b. G.W. /N.W.: 46/45kgs

c. G.W. /N.W.: 5/4kgs


a. 1840 x 545 x 210mm

b. 320 x 190 x 490mm

c. 630 x 630 x 85mm

Loading QTY: 20’/40’/40’HQ: 104/218/243pcs